Medical CenterNEIE, Inc. offers our healthcare community turn-key waste management services for Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) and Sharps, RCRA Pharmaceutical Waste, and Chemotherapy Waste. Our qualified and dedicated staff can present your healthcare facility with a systems approach from packaging, pick-up, transfer, storage to final disposal meeting all Federal and State regulations.

Our Transfer Facility in Henrico, VA offers a cost effective option in central Virginia for the consolidation, treatment and disposal of the collected waste for providers such as:

  • Medical Offices
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Laboratories & Infusion Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Clinics
  • Medical Clinics
  • Long Term & Skilled Facilities
  • Tattoo Parlors
  • Infusion Centers
  • Hospitals

Transfer Station BoxOur Waste Transfer Station

The following types of Pharmaceutical, Regulated Medical, and Infectious wastes are accepted at our facility:

  • Non-Hazardous Sharps
  • Blood and Body Fluids
  • Cultures and Stocks
  • Pathological Waste
  • Contaminated Animal Waste
  • Chemotherapy Waste

NEIE can provide the proper collection and storage system that meets OSHA packaging and labeling requirements for the pick-up and disposal of your Regulated Medical Waste. We offer various disposable and re-usable containers to meet your specific needs, as well as proper shipping documents to meet Federal and State regulations.

Frequency of Pick Up

NEIE provides either a trailer or route truck service. The frequency of service is determined mutually by the clients and NEIE to ensure all customer expectations are fulfilled. The waste will be transported and stored at our facility until it is hauled to either/or the autoclave, the incinerator, or the treatment plant using the patented Electro-Thermal Deactivation (ETD) process.

We review regulations and monitor volumes to ensure timely and efficient removal of the Regulated Medical Waste.

Our Medical Waste plan provides:PageLines-iStock_000045094960_Medium1.jpg

  • Total Medical Waste Management by an experienced and knowledgeable staff;
  • Containers and labels to meet your specific needs and budget while meeting all applicable standards;
  • Route based pick-up service meeting all DOT standards;
  • Tracking and documentation of waste as required;
  • Storage and transport of waste to final disposal facility; and
  • On-going Education and Training on products, methods and applicable regulations to keep your facility up-to-date and in compliance.
  • Excellent and responsive customer service you can rely on.

NEIE can provide a waste management plan, industry experience, and products to ensure safety, cost effectiveness, and compliance.