NEIE provides clients with a variety of containers for the packaging of Regulated Medical Waste. All containers are provided with one red bag liner per container. We provide the liner and the container to ensure our clients are compliant with all packaging requirements.

Pathological waste and Chemotherapy waste typically require incineration for disposal. In order to ensure safe handling, and treatment by incineration only, we will provide corrugated boxes for its packaging and either “Incinerate Only” or “Anatomical/Pathological Waste” labels for the outside of the box. All pathological and chemotherapy waste boxes must be marked with the appropriate labels to ensure proper treatment.

All containers are filled, sealed and the clients and presented for transport. Any containers that are breached, crushed, unsealed, or leaking cannot be accepted until properly repackaged by the customer. This protects both the client and the transporter from being out of compliance.

The containers are replaced during each pick up with either cleaned and disinfected plastic tubs or corrugated boxes. The cleaning and disinfecting process uses a combination of high-pressure washers, 180° – 200° Fahrenheit water, and an EPA rated disinfectant.


NEIE provides clients with a variety of containers for the packaging of regulated medical waste.

1 Quart Red Sharps Container for Phlebotomy (Covidien 8900SA)

Puncture resistant container used to safely collect blood and needles.
Dimensions: 6.25×4.25×4.25”
Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces
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5 Quart Transparent Red Sharps Container with Always Open Lid (Covidien 851301)

Puncture resistant container with always-open lid to easily and safely collect blood and needles.
Dimensions: 11×4.75×10.75”
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds
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8 Gallon Red Sharps Container with Hinged Lid (Covidien 8980)

Puncture resistant container used for safe disposal of needles.
Dimensions: 17.75x11x15.5”
Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
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5 Quart Red Sharps Container with Counterbalance Lid (Covidien 8507SA)

Puncture resistant container with counter balanced lid to safely collect needles and prevent overfilling.
Dimensions: 12.5×5.5×10.75”
Shipping Weight: 2 Pounds
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2.2 Quart Red Sharps Container (Covidien 1522SA)

Puncture resistant container with locking lid to safely collect and dispose of needles.
Dimensions: 7.25×4.75×6.5”
Shipping Weight: 1 Pound
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18 Gallon Sharps Container with Sliding Lid (Covidien 8938)

Puncture resistant sharps container with sliding lid to safely collect and dispose of regulated medical waste.
Dimensions: 26×12.75×18.25”
Shipping Weight: 30 Pounds (Case of Five)
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Corrugated 30 Gallon Box for Regulated Medical Waste

A standard 4.3 Cubic Foot Fiber box will be provided for the outpatient centers for packaging of the regulated medical waste. A biohazard liner (40x46x0.0015”) and a roll of tape will be included with each box order. The Fiberboard box is RSC 18x18x24” – 32ECT. Call for pricing