NEIE offers turn-key environmental remediation and restoration services.  To maintain our high standards, NEIE has implemented employee-training programs to ensure that excellence in project performance is not assumed, but managed as our highest priority.  NEIE can help guide you through evaluations and assessments to ensure appropriate remedial options are achieved to minimize your liabilities.

NEIE can provide professional and technical support services, equipment operators, treatment system operators, chemical technicians and laborers in support of the abatement and restoration of chemical Emergency Response and disaster related projects.

NEIE has the ability to respond, investigate, remediate, and remove containers of unknown concentrated chemicals and other hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Project personnel are trained to conduct site assessments and prepare Quality Assurance Systems and Procedures, Health and Safety Plans, and site work plans to characterize, package, transport, and dispose of various containers of wastes. Chemicals are sampled, segregated and repackaged or bulked into cubic yard containers for disposal. High hazard chemicals are lab-packed for treatment and disposal.

Moreover, NEIE is capable of responding, investigating, and remediating abandoned facilities, including but not limited to chemical manufacturing facilities containing bulk concentrated liquids within bulk storage tanks (ranging from 1,000 to 16,000 gallons), concentrated chemicals, reactor or process vessels, system scrubbers, railroad tankers, process lines, and on-site laboratories.

EnvironmentalSome of the environmental services include:

  • Identify and either containerize or bulk raw chemicals for disposal;
  • Drain and remove process lines for disposal;
  • Identify, stabilize high-hazard reagents, and lab-pack for disposal (including high hazard toxins, radioactives, poisons, flammable solids and liquids, air and water reactives, oxidizers, shock sensitives, and potential peroxides);
  • Classify and discharge wastewater; and
  • Adjust pH and rehabilitate soil following random sampling.

NEIE also has the ability to assist with marine debris removal and restoration operations. The scope of services include:

  • Heavy equipment operations, including heavy equipment mounted hydraulic shears for dismantlement of ship hulls;
  • Waste identification, segregation and volume reduction;
  • Staging of fiberglass, metal, and wooden debris;
  • Loading and hauling of debris for disposal; and
  • The management, segregation and staging of potentially hazardous materials discovered throughout the removal effort.

NEIE can provide field personnel, equipment and other resources to perform any restoration effort, including task manager, field supervisors, equipment operators, field technicians and laborers. NEIE will provide team resources staff and equipment to complete the task at hand.